About the company

FG "Ukraina" - specializes in the cultivation and processing of grain and oil crops. The enterprise uses the latest methods of agriculture and processing.


The company has implemented the most expensive No-till growing and processing technology. Cultivation of land using advanced technology that preserves the natural fertility of the soil with a minimum load of chemicals and mineral fertilizers. We have been practicing this technology on our lands for 15 years. With the transition to the cultivation of environmentally friendly products.

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Dear partners, FG "Ukraine" is ready to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms within the framework of competition. Our company is open to dialogue and cooperation to ensure a quality and efficient result for both parties.

Our products

The company`s product category is focused on grain and oil crops, which go through the entire cycle of cultivation and processing within the company`s walls. It includes products from quality seed materials to finished products such as flour, groats and others. Production is carried out using modern technologies and compliance with quality standards.


Our shopping and entertainment center is an oasis for lovers of comfort and entertainment! We have everything for you to have a great day: there is a supermarket, a sports club, a choreography room, a beauty salon, a massage therapist, a beautician, salt rooms, a spa and SPA, a cafe, a banquet room, a hall for cultural and educational events, night club, gas station, parking lot, administrative services center, retail space, BTI, notary and lawyer. Come to us and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and various services in one place!

Subdivisions of FG "Ukraina"

List of subdivisions that are part of the "FG Ukraina" organization.

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