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Company history

Our company was founded in 1993, since then and to this day we have been developing ecological farming in the Vinnitsa region. Podolsk land has long been famous for its high-quality grain, which shimmered under the sun and heavy rains. Therefore, large-scale and flour-grinding production flourished in our area for centuries. Our company continues centuries-old traditions and develops not only in the field of cultivation, but also in the production of organic food. All of our grain is grown no-till, without the added burden of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

All processes are aimed at a closed production cycle: sowing from our own seeds, cultivation with our own specialized equipment, fertilizing the fertile soil layer with humates of our own production, collecting, cleaning and drying grain and its final processing into high-quality food.

Our products are made from high-quality raw materials, the compliance of which is controlled in a certified laboratory, our specialists control the corresponding qualities of DSTU TU, HACCP I BRS standards.

Enterprise strategy

Throughout the existence of the company, our activities have been aimed at the production of ecological food products on an industrial scale. That is why non-standard technologies for growing, processing grain crops, careful selection of varieties, calibration and heat treatment of grain are aimed at obtaining products with improved quality, technological and organoleptic indicators.

Natural functional foods are the basis of an effective diet for every person, which is an unconditional guarantee of health and longevity.

That is why ecological approaches to management and processing form the basis of our company`s development strategy.

Cultivation of cereals

On our lands we grow the most productive varieties of grain and oil crops. All of them are grown according to the advanced ecological No-Till system without excess fertilizers and chemicals.

You can buy organic grain by contacting the sales department and our experts will provide you with the best offer for the purchase or sale of grain with delivery in Ukraine.

Land fund

To fully provide our processing facilities with grain raw materials, our company processes about 10,000 hectares of its own land annually. our sown areas are provided with full-fledged processing, and due to our own specialized and adapted equipment for the no-till system, as well as the professional approach of our specialists in agronomy and agrotechnical processing, we ensure consistently high yields.

An integrated approach to soil cultivation, selection of seed varieties.

Terms of cooperation

Farm "Ukraine" is one of the leaders in the production of various types of cereals and flour in the region.

The client-oriented development strategy of the enterprise allows us to be flexible in cooperation with both large and small producers: large bakeries and small bakeries, confectionery factories, breweries, snacks, breakfast cereals and animal feed manufacturers.

A wide range of packaged products in different price categories has long won trust in the retail market, large retailers and abroad.

Our logistics network allows timely delivery of products to the customer`s warehouse, to the supermarket and to a regular store near the house.

The staff of Farming "Ukraine" has a comprehensive, individual approach to working with each client, we develop products in accordance with GOST, TU and customer specifications.

We offer product development and packaging services for our products under your TMV. The flexible system of the production process allows us to be adaptable to the needs of the customer. To discuss the details and develop a project for the production of goods under your brand, please contact our specialist.